"Uncertainty Principle"
La Viola Bank Gallery, NY, NY 2009
Laminted glass, wooden platform, inkjet prints, 12'x24'

The title is a reference to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in quantum physics, which reminds us that the very act of observation affects the thing we are trying to observe. The more visitors walked over the broken glass in order to view the images of tree branches below, the more cracks accumulated and the more opaque the glass became; slowly obscuring the imagery. Visitors had no choice other than to walk over the glass platform when entering and exiting the gallery. The patterns formed from mirrored photographs of tree branches provide a symmetrical foil to the entropic network of cracks in the glass. The reflection of the trees from across the street creates a third layer.


Uncertainty Principle was preceeded by Glass Floor, 2008. Glass Floor was the first in a series of installation works which encourage visitors to walk over broken laminated glass in order to view the images under the glass.


Glass Floor, 2008
Yale MFA Thesis Exhibition