collaboration with Tarren Johnson
performance installation, 45 minutes


"Trying to get away into the night and then you put your arms around me."

The proposition of transparency has led to a gently paranoid condition, enacted here through a broken feedback loop. An algorithm triggers the next command without any regard as to the outcome and unresponsive to the level of success with which the command is fulfilled. The performers struggle to complete their tasks leaving unfinished structures in their wake, creating a series of non-spaces.

The performers are left to their own discretion as to how these structures might be inhabited. Certain configurations trigger scripted behavioral patterns, lulling the performers into predetermined roles and transactional relationships. Sheltered between see-through walls, privacy becomes an unattainable illusion performed out of habit.

CONCEPT Tarren Johnson, Mira O'Brien CHOREOGRAPHY Tarren Johnson SET DESIGN Mira O'Brien PERFORMANCE Winston Chmielinski, Tarren Johnson, John Snyder MUSIC COMPOSITION Tarren Johnson, Joel Cocks, Elisabeth Wood VOCALS Elisabeth Wood, Ande Pramuk LIGHT DESIGN Tomek Ness COSTUME Alicja Sowiar MAKE-UP Franziska Presche

photo: Mehrdad Motejalli