"Ohne einen Glaspalast"

ArtSpace Pot72, Berlin, Germany, 2014
plastic sheeting, wood, paint, marker, fluorescent lights, 3 x 5 m

“Ohne einen Glaspalast” (Without a Glass Palace) is an architectural tableau based on the former Palast der Republik in Berlin. The grid framework is a scale model of a section of the Palast der Republik's window façade, made to fit the dimensions of this room. Instead of the famous gold-copper iridescent window panes, a dull grey-green plastic sheeting covers the frame; a material used on scaffolding in construction sites. Shadow-like drawings of broken glass are visible through the translucent layers.

The title, "Ohne einen Glaspalast", is a fragment of a poem by Paul Scheerbart from his book "Glasarchitektur". The poem was inscribed on the interior of Bruno Taut's Glass Pavillion, created as a temporary structure for the Cologne Deutscher Werkbund Exhibition in 1914.

"Glück ohne Glas, wie dumm ist das – Ohne einen Glaspalast ist das Leben eine Last –
Im Glashaus brennt es nimmermehr, man braucht da keine Feuerwehr –
Das Licht will durch das ganze All – und ist lebendig im Kristall"

- Paul Scheerbart, Glasarchitektur (1914)

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"lebendig im Kristall"

site-specific installation at Die Diele, Zürich


"Ohne einen Glaspalast"

Berlin Weekly
Linienstrasse 161, 10115-Berlin
Visible from the street after sunset.
October 27 - December 3, 2016