“Imperfect Barriers”


This series examines the inherent hierarchy of barriers by depicting the disruption of form when the two sides of a boundary come into conflict. Sections of chain-link fence, that have been cut open and then stitched back together again, are traces of an unwilling collaboration between opposite sides.  The result is a distorted and reconfigured diamond-grid, a kind of urban allegory for a Modernist grid that is losing its structure. The context of the fences is left unspecified, leaving in doubt which side of the fence one is on.


"Imperfect Barrier: Razor"
169 x 168 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Razor II"
113 x 160 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Razor II"
113 x 170 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Chained"
226 x 164 cm


"Imperfect Barrier: Tied"
113 x 164 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Diamond"
110 x 174 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Field"
113 x 210 cm

"Imperfect Barrier: Screen"
watercolor, ink, gouache on paper, glass, plastic
58" long x 62" high x13" wide

This piece is an investigation into the meaning of a barrier, and how that meaning changes drastically depending on whether one stands on the inside or the outside. As one circumnavigates the screen formation, three different experiences of the structure are revealed. From one side one sees the semi-permiable painting of a chain link fence. From another side only the glass panels are visible, rendering the structure nearly invisible. Finally, one encounters the total opacity of stretched black plastic, offering only a dull reflection.